Smart consent generation on mobile devices

We enable GDPR compliant consent collection in a secure, fast and scalable way.

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​​​​​​​mobile network operaters

Our innovative tool enables operators to leverage their identification capabilities for easy and efficient consent generation

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other industries

We provide a new channel for the generation of consumer consent for companies in various industries

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Our partners

Match-Maker Ventures bridges the gap between startups and their future customers. Optink has profited enormously from the access to their extensive network and is proud to be one of Match-Maker Ventures’ portfolio companies.


The Optink team

We enable innovative
consent generation

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Transparency is key for successful consent generation

Gemany’s biggest publishing house Axel Springer has recently published the results of a mix of tests they’ve been conducting on consent collect

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Understanding GDPR as an opportunity

Despite all the uncertainties and increased efforts, GDPR also presents a unique opportunity for organizations. The regulation gives companies the

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GDPR requires voluntariness and transparency for consent generation

The data protection principle of voluntariness states that “Consent should be giving by a clear affirmative act establishing a <

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