OPTINK FOR MOBILE NETWORK OPERATORSLeverage your identification capabilities for consent generation

We enable GDPR compliant consent collection in a secure, fast and scalable way.

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Optink provides a convenient solution for GDPR-compliant consent collection, both on operators’ websites and on third party inventory. Optink’s solution is seamlessly integrated and enables operators to leverage their existing infrastructure and technology for easy consent collection.

Identify users in the mobile network without additional authentication

no additional information required – users can be identified without prior log-in

Generate opt-ins faster than any other solution

by easily accessing customers beyond your own limited channels

Rely on Optink covering the process end-2-end

From painless technical integration to professional playout management with no influence on the integrity and security of your existing services

Turn consent collection into an additional revenue stream

Open up an additional revenue stream by leverage your identification capabilities

Opt-in with Optink.

Adaptable to different needs and use cases

We can playout consent messages in various formats, on mobile websites or apps. Content and design of the consent messages are highly flexible and easily adaptable to any use case.

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Extensive customer reach

Reach beyond your own inventory and collect consent on third party websites

Fully GDPR compliant

Our solution and setup is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation

Low risk implementation

Benefit from an easy and flexible technical implementation process

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